Google Social Search Results

While doing some research today, using Google, I noticed at the bottom page one that additional results from my social circle were being displayed. Social circle???…something new! Apparently Google has given us greater ability to follow and be followed.

I hadn’t noticed this at first so not sure how long it’s been active, but can’t be more than a few days ago.

Thanks to Chris Lang, via my social circle, I was quickly able to find a video outlining how it works.

I also follow Jack Humphrey and as usual he had something to say on the subject. His train of thought about a seo value appears to have some logic. At first glance of my social circle and content Google profile seo might well be influencing my displayed results.

Google Knows Your Social Circle

On today’s Friday Traffic Report podcast we talk about a new discovery in Google search results – and it’s pretty darned cool! You can now take a look at your entire social circle according….

I did a little leg work and found several additional reads on G’s social circle.

Google Puts Social Results in the Mix!

If you are one of those people still skeptical about the business uses of social media, you may be interested to know that Google’s Social Search is no longer just an experiment. Though it does have the beta tag on it, …

Google Social Search Goes Live, Adds New Features

Google has begun the rollout of its Social Search product, a way of seeing customized search results based upon the people in your social network. Social.

Wow, Google Is Awfully Clueless About My Social Life

What’s happening is that Google is being very cautious about clueing me in as to what it knows. The ways Google builds social circles is via your Google chat buddy list and by looking at accounts you’ve entered on your Google Profile. …

Google Social Search goes live — without Facebook results

In the battle to conquer real-time search, Gooogle has drawn a line in the sand. The search giant today went live with its Social Search feature, which adds relevant results from users’ social graph. But one thing is noticeably absent …

To use the social features of Google you must have a Gmail account and be logged in.

Oh, and if you don’t have a Google profile…make one!