Google Testing Local Listing Ads

Continuing to broaden the avenues for local business to advertise Google announces Local Listing ads. Although this is a beta program, available in only a few markets, if your a SMB you should be paying attention.

This is not the same old Internet.

Google Goes Local; Begins Limited Test Of Listings Ads

Although Google has always trained its AdSense products at smaller business, the Local Listing Ads represents what Broadpoint analyst Ben Schachter calls the first real monetization of the search giant’s Local Business Center. …

Google Local Listing Ads Shake Up Local Search

If you market brick and mortars or local service businesses, you need to be paying attention to the new Local listing ads Google announced Monday that…

Google Local Listing Ads

Google recently announced it would start testing a new text ad format called local listing ads. These ads are available to small businesses with physical locations and will appear at the top of a search results page …

Google Answers Some Local Listing Ad Questions

The newly announced Local listing ads are starting to appear on a limited basis in the wilds of San Francisco. David Mihm, the talented Local Search Expert, and.

Google Local Listing Ads Debut

Greg Sterling was introduced to an experiment called Google Local Listing Ads yesterday evening. They’re small, text-only ads of the sort Google often displays, only the trick is that …

This seems all great and I hope this turns out to be a huge boost for SMB’s but the best statement of the week has to go to David Mihm;

“To that end, Google simply must get into customer service or else it’s going to end up with a lot of unhappy SMB’s and a big PR black eye.”

No matter how good something appears to be without customer service (which Google has non of) you have a lot of pissed off people that can’t get answers they’ll take their business elsewhere.